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Born in Melbourne in 1931 Dick Hughes is a jazz pianist whose career has spanned over six decades. Pianist Willie McIntyre introduced Dick to jazz in 1941 and took him to the first Australian Jazz Convention in 1946. He started playing drums and piano about this time, worked musically with Max Collie, Ken Owen and John Tucker and was president of the University Rhythm Club (1950-1951). While in London as a journalist (1952-1955) he played with the Cy Laurie and Sandy Brown bands and interviewed US and British jazz stars for ABC National radio. Dick settled in Sydney in February 1955 and worked with the Ray Price Trio and Port Jackson Jazz Band (1956-1962).

He led a quartet at the Macquarie Hotel in 1962, toured with The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in 1965 and from 1966 until 1986 held residencies at the Windsor Castle Hotel, Adams Hotel, French’s Tavern, the Journalists’ Club, with his Famous Five at Soup Plus (1977-1987) and worked as a piano soloist. He was the first solo jazz pianist to play at the Sydney Opera House (1973) and the first Australian jazz pianist to record an album completely solo (no rhythm accompaniment). He was a member of the Port Jackson Jazz [Reunion] Band during the 1990s and, from 2008, has worked and recorded with his daughter singer-entertainer Christa Hughes. He is now in musical semi-retirement and has been a radio presenter on Fine Music 102.5 since 2005.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


The Tolmen were a folk trio from Sydney. They formed in the early 60s and appeared on Bandstand, Saturday Date and Sing Sing Sing. The Tolmen released two EPs, 'Pieces of Folk' and 'Namatjira', and a single ‘Don’t Book Me Officer’, on RCA.


Geoff Turner, Gordon Tolman, Lew Jones

Saturday, 10 February 2018


The Spliffs (also known as 'Spliffs') was a jangle pop band from Hyde Park in Townsville, Australia. They produced a three song EP and an album, 'House of Seven', in the mid-80s. Their single "Sixteen" was nominated for the 1989 ARIA Award for Best Independent Release. The broke up in 1988 after a van crash destroyed their equipment. Bass player and manager John Watson went on to form Eleven: A Music Company and manage acts such as Silverchair, Missy Higgins, and Gotye.


Jamie Foresburg (guitar), John Watson (bass), Ian Christensen (vocals) Tim Corcoran (guitar)
Andrew Reid (drums)



Sunday, 4 February 2018


Melbourne punk band that formed in 1977. After scoring a record deal after their first gig with the Suicide label, the band contributed the chilling track 'Planet on the Prowl' to the 'Lethal Weapons' (1978) compilation album. The Negatives played regular 'Suicide' gigs at the Tiger Room in Richmond. The Negatives split up early in 1979. Holmes joined Paul Kelly and the Dots, Walsh eventually joined The Moodists, and Gray went on to form the Sacred Cowboys.


Garry Gray (vocals), Michael Holmes (guitar), Chris Walsh (bass), Peter Cave (drums)

Tuesday, 30 January 2018


Robin Sinclair was touring Australia and cruising the South Sea Islands before forming the highly successful Sydney band Squeeze in the early part of 1976. Squeeze cut a few singles on the Laser label including its debut album The Squeeze is On! in 1977. All were well received and achieved impressive sales, particularly in Germany and the Scandinavian countries. They disbanded in the late 70s.


Robin Sinclair (vocals, keyboards) Al Monzo (guitar) Danny McGowan (bass) Gary Kelman (drums)

Friday, 26 January 2018


Owen Blundell (born 1960) is an Australian country music singer. He first hit the country music scene in the mid-1980s. He has been a finalist five times for the category of Male Vocalist at the Australian Country Music Awards, and has received an award from APRA for a most played country song. He grew up in Tumut close to the Snowy Mountains. In 1983 he went on his first trip to Tamworth to have a look. He rode up on a Honda 750 motorbike and stayed for only two days but that was enough to inspire him to work harder on guitar and write more songs.

In 1985 he released his first album “Snowy Mountain Yodeller” on the country label Selection. The following year he featured in a documentary on 60 minutes about his song “Jodie” In 1990 he was inducted into the Hands of Fame. In 2004 at the People’s Choice Awards he claimed the Best Heritage Song with “The Slim Dusty Show”. Blundell has been described as the best-kept secret in Australia and has steadily built a global fan base with his strong work ethic. He has toured nationally, to New Zealand and also appeared on television programs such as The Ray Martin Show. Blundell has recorded 14 albums. Owen lists Jimmy Barnes and Black Sabbath as just two of his influences.



Monday, 22 January 2018


The Chosen Few was formed in Sydney in 1985. After numerous months rehearsing, writing and cutting demos, the band was taken up by rock writer and manager Stuart Coupe (who at the time was enjoying the commercial heights with his artist Paul Kelly) and signed to Mushroom Records in 1988. The band's debut single 'Get It Right' (November, 1988) was met with enthusiasm in the Australian rock music media and the band's following single 'Rise' (April, 1989) was critically praised and reached # 35 on the ARIA charts. However, the band's commercial prospects didn't appear promising when the band's third single 'Love' (November, 1989) failed to chart. The band's debut album Friends, Foes and Firewood was released in 1990 and went triple platinum in sales, and reached No.1 on the Rolling Stone Album Chart. After six years and 261 shows, The Chosen Few did their final four concerts at the Sydney Entertainment Centre as the opening act on Billy Joel's Storm Front tour.


Danny McCarthy (Guitar/Vocals), Abe Elshaikh (Guitar/Vocals), Paul Read (Bass)
Rex Mansfield (Drums)



Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Bursting onto the Queensland music scene in 1997, The Daisycutters wasted no time in establishing themselves as an electrifying live act with an arsenal of great pop songs and a swagger that made the industry sit up and take notice. The national airplay for "Kiss Me Stupid" thrusted the band onto radios across Australia where they spent the majority of 1999 touring the country supporting the likes of You Am I, Custard, Pacifier, Killing Heidi, The Whitlams, Magic Dirt, Eskimo Joe and George. "Kiss Me Stupid" dominated the Net 50 and the band released their next E.P - " Caffeinated and Wide Eyed" which attracted rave reviews from fans and critics alike before reaching #2 on the Independent charts!

"Awake among the Sleepers" is released in August 2004 and meets with universal critical acclaim - Beat Magazine in Melbourne hail it as '…one of the best albums you're likely to hear all year'. The Daisycutters release 'I Eat People like You for Breakfast', 'A Bang and Not a Whisper' and 'Always the Bridesmaid never the Bride' as singles. The success of the album saw the band relentlessly touring the country, consistently wowing crowds with their electrifying live shows - sharing the stage with The Hellacopters, The Living End, You Am I, Eskimo Joe, Shihad, Rocket Science, Killing Heidi, The Whitlams, and many more - including several Big Days Out! In 2008 the band released their second album 'Come Sweet Bullets'. Recorded by good friend Darren Middleton of Powderfinger at his own studio in Brisbane, 'Come Sweet Bullets' reflects a refining and maturing of the band’s sound.


Cameron Wilson (Vocals, Guitar), Kieran Clair (Guitar), Giles Hamwood (Bass),
Peter Nicholas (Drums)



Thursday, 11 January 2018


Helicopters, also seen as The Helicopters, were a new wave music group formed in Perth in August 1980 with the line up of Deidre Baude (aka Deidre Baude de Bunnetat) on lead vocals and bass guitar; Kevin Rooney (aka Kevin Kavanah) on drums; and Peter Stafford on lead guitar. In April 1981 Stafford was replaced by Phil Bennett on vocals and keyboards; and Tony Thewlis on guitar. A track, "Tag Along", was included on the West Australian compilation album, West, released by radio station, 96FM, in 1981. Initially the band played cover versions of United Kingdom groups: U2, Altered Images, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

By September 1981, Thewlis had left to join post-punk group, The Scientists. He was replaced on guitar by George O'Brien (aka George B. Rushmore). The line up of Baude, Bennett, O'Brien and Rooney recorded the band's debut self-titled album, which appeared in 1982. In August O'Brien left and the remaining members took a year off. They formed a side project, a glam rock cover band, Lazer Blades for six months. In early 1983 Helicopters re-formed with Vic Renolds (ex-Change Alley) on guitar and vocals joining Baude, Bennett, and Rooney. They played a harder, though still pop-oriented, sound.

Helicopters were one of Perth's most successful new wave bands, they managed to attract crowds at their own venues, despite the Western Australian capital's reputation as "cover city". They supported visiting artists such as Stray Cats, Elvis Costello and Duran Duran. The group disbanded in 1985 and issued a career retrospective, Great Moments in Aviation. Baude and Rooney moved to the UK, Renolds recorded solo material, while Bennett joined Lick the Lizard, Love Bites and then Pillbox. Rooney briefly joined The Scientists (which had relocated to London), appearing on their 1986-recorded album, Human Jukebox (October 1987) alongside former bandmate Thewlis. A Helicopters' track "Elevator Phobia", written by Baude and Rooney, was compiled on United Rock (1995).


Deidre Baude (aka Deidre Baude de Bunnetat) (bass, vocals) Kevin Rooney (drums)
Peter Stafford (guitar) Phil Bennett (keyboards) George O'Brien (guitar) Tony Thewlis (guitar)
Vic Renolds (guitar)



Friday, 5 January 2018


Australian covers band who also wrote some original material. They were one of the more popular bands working in the inner city areas of Sydney during the early to mid-1980s. Their only releases were one single, and one other track included on a compilation of Sydney bands. That track was one of four demos recorded at Trackdown Studios (Sydney) in October 1985. They disbanded for a while after the single failed to make any impact, then reformed for a few shows in 1989. After many years and a line-up change, they reformed again in 2013 and were still playing together semi-regularly in early 2017.


Peter Ward (vocals), Missy Chic (vocals), Bruce Belmondo (guitar), Dave Bong (drums),
Keith Claringbold III (bass), Lesley Hammond (keyboards), and Michael Shye (guitar)
David Rowley (drums) John Sandow (keyboards) Noel Funicello (bass) Tim "Guitar" Brady (guitar) Lindy Chick (vocals), Megan O'Dooley (vocals), Wedge Donovan (drums), Nood Cobcroft (drums), Pedro Farfisa (keyboards), Russell Parkhouse (keyboards) Steve Connolly (guitar) Michael Barclay (drums) Geoff Bodgie (guitar)

Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Maurice Gerard Frawley was born on 5 May 1954, the son of Gerard Patrick and Eileen Marie Frawley, he grew up with three siblings, Brendan, Mary and Leo, on the family farm near Elmore, Victoria. He attended Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School (a Catholic primary school) in Elmore, Rochester Lourdes High School in nearby Rochester and then Salesian College in Sunbury (an outer suburb of Melbourne), where he completed an agricultural studies course. After working in wool sheds in rural Victoria, he moved to Melbourne in the late 1970s to pursue a musical career.

Frawley formed power pop band Japanese Comix in 1979, with vocalist Shane Day (ex-Cruisers, High Rise Bombers), bass guitarist Chris Jobson, drummer Greg Simpkins and James Williams (High Rise Bombers). They played the Melbourne pub circuit and released a four-track extended play, Japanese Comix on the Mambo Records label in 1980. Simpkins was replaced by Michael Barclay but the group soon disbanded. As a melodic guitarist, Frawley developed a reputation as a down-to-earth, "musician's musician". Late in 1980 he had a brief stint in A Howling Life with Day, Williams and Bill Tulloch.

In late 1981, Frawley replaced Mick Holmes on guitar in Paul Kelly and the Dots (Kelly was ex-High Rise Bombers) after that band had recorded their second album Manila. The album's release was delayed until August 1982 due to line-up changes and Kelly being side-lined with a broken jaw. While working with Kelly, Frawley co-wrote "Look So Fine, Feel So Low". The band recorded "Rocking Institution" for the soundtrack of pop musical film, Starstruck. It was released as a shared single with Jo Kennedy's "Body and Soul", which peaked at No. 5 in May 1982 on the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart. The Dots disbanded by August 1983 and Frawley briefly joined the Paul Kelly Band but left before year's end. Kelly relocated to Sydney in late 1984 and "Look So Fine, Feel So Low" appeared on his solo album Post (1985), it was re-recorded by Paul Kelly & the Messengers for Gossip (1986) and released as a single in July 1987, which did not reach the Top 50.

Frawley joined Olympic Sideburns late in 1983, an ever-evolving shockabilly outfit that had featured Spencer P. Jones (later in The Johnnys, The Beasts of Bourbon) which formed in 1982. Rooted in classic 1960s garage rock, their 'Oz-indie' racket made them distinct from most groups in the suburban beer barns. The Olympic Sideburns was a collection of 1980s alternative artists. The band released two albums, The Olympic Sideburns in May 1985 and Dixie Truck Stop! in 1987. They disbanded by end of 1988. In 1989 he produced an EP for The Romeos.

In 1990, Frawley formed Big City Burnout with Jack Abeyratne on guitar, Nigel Hartford on bass guitar (ex-White Cross), David Sandford on saxophone, piano and vocals, and Paul Wall on drums. By 1993 he formed Maurice Frawley and Working Class Ringos, a rootsy country-blues band. The line-up was drummer Des Hefner (The Birthday Party, The Slaughtermen), guitarist Charlie Owen (The New Christs, The Divinyls), and bass player Shane Walsh. Cold Chisel's Don Walker described the group as "the best after-midnight band in the world". Owen called them "the bad boys of folk" who played "the most passionate, beautiful, rollicking, cheeky, heartfelt music you could ever hear".

Working Class Ringos released an extended play, Whoop Whoop, a raw, acoustic recording of soul and blues, in 1994. It was followed by their debut album Livin' Lazy (May 1995), a more electric album which featured Jones and was produced by Tony Cohen. In 1998 Conway Savage (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) joined on piano. Their second album Triple-Skin Marquee was released in 2000, again produced by Cohen. It features a duet, "Would You Be My Friend", between Frawley and Kelly. For thirteen years the band played the Melbourne pub circuit, establishing a base at The Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda. In 2000 the band's track "Harness Down" was included on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Airplay Vol. 3 compilation, which was featured on local radio. "Harness Down" became a favourite of its audience. The band made several tours through the east coast up to Far North Queensland. Frawley and his band performed live sessions in 2000 on the ABC TV's national music program 'Studio 22' and in 2001 on the cable channel Country Music Television. Frawley became a regular at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

In 2003, Frawley embarked on a family musical project, Frawleys and Friends, that culminated in the release Queen of Runnymede featuring the songs of a relative, Sarah Frawley, who had died (aged 19) from a brain aneurysm. In 2006, Frawley reunited with former band mates Michael Barclay on drums and Alan Brooker on bass guitar, together with Garrett Costigan on pedal steel and Jimmy Williams on guitar to form Maurice Frawley and the Yard Hands. Their debut album Good Things was released on Frawley's own Red Finn Records. Frawley returned to rural Rochester to care for his ill mother, Eileen. His brother Leo recalled, "Maurice was a great support to mum during her last few years and mum's passing last year left a hole in Maurice's life". Frawley became a part-time music teacher at Rochester Secondary College. He provided inspiration to younger musicians, teaching and mentoring acts including Dan Brodie, Tom Carlyon and Clinkerfield.

In January 2009, Frawley performed at 'Life's What You Make It', a tribute to late Melbourne band manager Linda Gebar, alongside Not Drowning, Waving, The Killjoys and others. It was his last live performance. He died on 16 May, shortly after diagnosis with liver cancer, at Rochester Hospital. He was survived by his former wife, Penny, and their son Martin. 



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Heavy metal band Pearls and Swine were formed in the late 80s in Sydney with former Johnny Teen and The Broken Hearts frontman, Rob Gale on vocals, Mark Ward on guitar, Ron Neale on bass and drummer Ken Wheeler. Signed to the Mushroom label they released their first album 'The Far King Great Album' in 1992. The band supported overseas acts like Motorhead, Guns n Roses and Janes Addiction. They disbanded in the mid 90s but have reformed in 2017.


Robert Gale (vocals), Mark Ward (guitar, keyboards), Ken Wheeler (drums), Ronnie Neal (bass), Mick Vawdon (bass)



Monday, 25 December 2017


Born in NZ, Tina Harrod’s Fijian and Welsh ancestry certainly indicated she might one day become a professional singer. From her early days she was surrounded by a rich and varied musical legacy that sparked her passion for music and performance. In the late 80s, after moving to Sydney, Tina joined the legendary Jackie Orszaczky in his soul incarnation, The Grandmasters. Their acclaimed 1997 album ‘Family Lore’ won Tina the attention of the music media and punters alike. In 2004 she released her first solo album ‘Shacked up in Paradise’ featuring Tina’s original songs, some co-written with Orszaczky.

It was with the release of ‘Worksongs’ in 2008 that Tina was recognized as one of Australia’s great singers. Recorded live in one day, ‘Worksongs’ was the culmination of a couple of years performing with her trio (Jonathon Zwartz, Hamish Stuart, Matt McMahon). Rave reviews applauded Tina’s impeccable interpretation of artists as varied as Nina Simone and Nick Drake while her knock-out live shows continued to swell the ranks of her loyal fan-base. ‘Worksongs’ went on to win an Australian Jazz Award for Best Vocal Album. Tina followed this up with an album of originals, ‘Temporary People’ in 2010. An extraordinary work of vulnerability, emotive power and exquisite musicianship ‘Temporary People’ topped the list of many critics jazz albums of the year and won Tina many accolades, including her ability to communicate universal themes in intensely personal songs. With her latest album ‘The Revolution is Eternal’ Tina continues to push boundaries and blaze a path of her own. Tina Harrod’s journey of musical discovery, like many great artists, continues to unfold.



Sunday, 17 December 2017


Frankie J. Holden OAM (born Peter Brian; 18 December 1952) , also known as Frank Holden, is a singer, actor and TV presenter. During the mid 1970s Holden was the frontman for the Australian retro-rock band Ol' 55, which also included Wilbur Wilde and Jimmy Manzie. The group released their debut studio album Take It Greasy, in May 1976 which peaked at #3 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart, eventually achieving triple platinum status and staying in the Top 50 for 39 weeks. In 1977 Holden left the band to start a solo career. His first record release was 'My Right of Way', which was used as the theme for the Australian movie The FJ Holden. The single failed to chart everywhere except Adelaide where it peaked at #34. In 1980 he released 'Boomerang' on the Seven label. In the 80s he quit the music scene and embarked on an acting career. In the early 2000s, Holden re-emerged on the music scene with the Ol' Skydaddies, a band featuring members from Ol' 55, Daddy Cool and Skyhooks. 



Thursday, 14 December 2017


Paul McLoud released his first album in August 1982 titled "The Sensitive Sound of Paul McCloud" which was recorded at Hadley Studios in Tamworth. He followed that release the same month with an appearance on the "Must Be Country" television show out of Tamworth, hosted by the legendary Terry Gordon. During the 1980s Paul released a total of seven albums on LP and cassette. By 1985 with three successful albums to his credit, and accompanied by his wife Hele, he pioneered shopping centre promotions around Australia, singing live and selling thousands of record albums. This resulted in a solid base of fans and supporters which allowed him to tour successfully in concert, bringing his music to wider audiences throughout the country.

From 1982 through to early 1995, Paul and Hele were often accompanied by Paul's father and mother affectionately known as The Roadie and The Shirtmaker. A song by that title was written by Paul as a tribute to his parents following their passing in the late 1990ies, which has become a special favourite with fans that knew them both. His property Hartwood is now the setting for one of the most popular country music festivals in Australia, held over the Easter long weekend. People come from all across the country to camp on the property for up to nine days and enjoy the friendships, camaraderie plus the music of Paul and his incredible variety of performing artists. Paul, with his parents and wife Hele, started the festival on the family property in 1988 and it has grown steadily, through word of mouth, to become one of the most popular festivals on the country music calendar.

Some of the highlights in Paul's career have included two performances at the Sydney Opera House with the Tamworth on Parade group in the early 1990s. He was also voted Most Popular Artist on Tour in 1999 and again in 2001 and was inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth in 2003. The seventeenth album for Paul titled "Essential Collection", was released in 2007 on his own Palomino Music label. Paul and Hele now spend several months each year maintaining Hartwood and together with their trusty band of volunteers, getting it ready for each Easter festival. Winter is usually spent at their home on the Sunshine Coast.



Tuesday, 5 December 2017


The Scare is an Australian rock band formed in 2004 by Kiss Reid, Ben Lewis, Samuel Pearton and Liam O'Brien in Brisbane. They released their debut EP, Masochist Mimes, in November 2004. Brock Alexander Fitzgerald joined in 2005 and the band released a second EP, Vacuum Irony in October. Wade Keighran joined later in the year and in 2006 the band relocated to Birmingham. They returned to Australia to record their first album before returning to the UK to tour. Their debut album, Chivalry, was released in 2007. This was followed up by the Daniel Johns produced Oozevoodoo in September 2009. The band has toured in Australia, UK and USA and have had national rotation on Triple J. The band broke up in 2010, playing their last gig on 9 August in Fortitude Valley QLD.


Luke Reid (vocals), Sam Pearton (drums), Liam O'Brian (guitar), Ben Lewis (bass),
Trad Nathan (keyboards), Brock Fitzgerald (guitar), Wade Keighran (bass)



Monday, 27 November 2017


Last Years Hero (LYH), a pop punk band formed in Perth 2001. Their debut release Start Over EP was released in November 2002 and enjoyed a few spins on Triple J and Triple M and ended up selling just over 2000 copies in Australia before being licensed by Japanese punk rock specialists, Big Mouth (Brand New, Yellowcard, One Dollar Short) who sold a further 6000 copies in Japan and then got a track on a US compilation by Nice Guy Records which put them alongside bands like Midtown, Blueline Medic and Strike Anywhere.

The release and success of Start Over (2002) would see the band work hard on the live front in their hometown of Perth, and providing the foundations for their first tour of Australia's eastern states. Hard work on the live front resulted in great turnouts to the bands shows resulting in support slots throughout 2003 and early 2004 with high profile international and national bands such as No Use For A Name, Guttermouth, Frenzal Rhomb, Bodyjar, Useless ID, Yellowcard, Strung Out, Less Than Jake and One Dollar Short, plus performances at the Cosmonautical and Yak It Up youth festivals performing to crowds of over 5000.

2004 was a massive year for the band. The release of their very successful debut album 'Tell You When' (2004) saw them tour Australia relentlessly and embark on their first international tour. The album was well received and was a success throughout Australia due to the band making trips to the east coast four times in 2004 including the Triple J and Blunt Magazine presented national album tour. Meanwhile as well as the album doing well in Australia, it was going through the roof in Japan, selling over 7000 copies and staying in the top ten punk charts at Tower Records for weeks including at stint in the number one spot. This led to an amazing six date 'SMASH JPN' presented tour of Japan with US punk rockers Rufio, Pulley and Dont Look Down in November 2004. The tour was a huge success winning over crowds and adding to their ever growing popularity.

On the home front LYH played a number of high profile festivals and shared the stage with numerous big name outfits from across the globe. The Soundwave Festival was a highlight for the band, playing to thousands of people and sharing the stage with US bands Lagwagon, MXPX and Unwritten Law. The perfect end to the year was just ahead scoring the sold out Perth New Found Glory/Reggie and the Full Effect support slot. 2005 kicked off to a great start, with LYH scoring their first appearance an the Big Day Out which was something special for the band to be a part of, and quickly followed up with support slots for Strung Out in April, which were the last shows for the band before knuckling down to start writing material for their new record. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. They disbanded not long after due to circumstances unknown.


Ryan Sloan (vocals), Mike Lindhorst (guitar), Michael Wilson (guitar), Cam Edwards (bass), Ivano Rizzacasa (drums) Ryan McNally (drums)



Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Mere Theory formed in late 2000 out of the southern Adelaide surf/hardcore scene, and cite influences ranging from Fugazi, Boysetsfire, At the Drive-in, Cave In, and The Cure. The band started seasonally touring Australian cities from 2002. Mere Theory released their first EP Towering Sun in 2002, and their second EP Disengage in 2004, both through Building Records. They started to receive airplay on ABC's Triple J national radio station, as well as Australian community radio, with the song "Freedom in Mind" from 2004's Disengage. 2005 saw Mere Theory tour with After the Fall, and in 2006 nationally with Gyroscope. The band also played the Big Day Out in 2005, and again in 2007, as well as the Clipsal 500 After Race Concert. Mere Theory have recorded live for Triple J's "Home & Hosed," were a Triple J "Next Crop" Artist, and were listed on the Triple J Hottest 100 poll. They are SAMIA, ArtsSA, and APRA award recipients.

Mere Theory's debut full-length album, Catalan Atlas was released through Boomtown Records in 2007, and was recorded and mixed at Melbourne's Sing Sing Studios with Richard Stolz (Bodyjar, After the Fall). The track "Stabilise" received regular rotation on ABC's Triple J national radio station, with the song making the Triple J Hottest 100 polls. The album received favourable reviews from Rolling Stone: "A Mature, compelling record, and a strong contender for this year’s best album (9/10)"; and Blunt Magazine: "Mere Theory have single-handedly restored my faith in Australian rock...Catalan Atlas is truly the most impressive debut album I have heard this year (4/5)." From Catalan, the single "Gracefully" was released on 7" vinyl, and was produced as a film clip which received television play on Channel V, ABC’s Rage, and JTV. An animation was created for the track "Defeating this Feeling" which received "Video Clip of the Week" on ABC television's Rage. Another video was created for the single "Break Through", which features an Adelaide Roller Derby final. The clip uses a special slow-motion camera that was once owned and used by the television show Mythbusters. The group also appeared as the Rove Live house band. In Blunt Magazine issue No. 66, Catalan Atlas was dubbed one of the "Top 100 Albums You Should've Heard In 2007." Their review went on to say "Adelaide foursome Mere Theory took a giant leap in 2007 with their debut album, Catalan Atlas. Taking all the best bits from the likes of Sunny Day Real Estate, Texas Is The Reason and Elliott, then integrating them into their own Oz punk stylings, Mere Theory came out with a rock album of international standard."

2007 saw Mere Theory set out on a national tour in support of their debut album Catalan Atlas, sharing the stage with numerous Australian acts, highlighted with good friends Blueline Medic, as well as Calling All Cars. The band supported Australian act Karnivool nationally in 2008. A third national tour in support of Catalan Atlas, the Australian Atlas Tour took place in the latter part of 2008. In 2009 the band entered Broadcast Studios to record their second album Walking In Storms. The album features group vocals and instrumentalists from some of Adelaide's known rock bands, such as "spoken" vocals from John Scott from the Mark of Cain. Recorded by Evan James (The Mark of Cain, Pharaohs), mixed by Richard Stolz (Bodyjar, After the Fall), Walking In Storms was released through MGM in 2011. Mere Theory toured Walking in Storms nationally in 2012 with friends After the Fall. The Final EP, containing unreleased tracks, was released during what would be Mere Theory's final shows.


Nigel Black (guitar, vocals), Nathan Daltan (vocals), Ryan Paterson (vocals), Chris Mellow (lead vocals), Richie Wise (drums, vocals), Matt Adey (bass), Ross Simpson (bass, vocals)



Thursday, 16 November 2017


Elora Danan were an Australian alternative rock band from Perth, Western Australia, formed in late 2006 from various other bands in the local scene who had ended including As A Weapon and Alleged. They took their name from a baby character in the 1988 film Willow. The band's first recordings were some early demos, simply titled "Demo 2006". The release featured two songs, "Stop It, Stop Breathing!", and "I Feel Like Saying More". The second song was featured on a Boomtown sampler, and the first song was later re-recorded. After recording the demo in late 2006 the band signed to Boomtown Records, releasing their first official record, the EP We All Have Secrets in mid-2007. The song "Stop It, Stop Breathing!" from the demo was reborn as "Thank God For Their Growth In Faith And Love" on the EP, with the only differences being a piano outro at the end of "Thank God...", making it almost two minutes longer than the original version. All other songs on the EP were based on films.

In mid-2008 the band recorded their first and only studio album entitled In the Room Up There. The album was released 6 March 2009 and was produced by Adam Spark, guitarist/producer of Birds of Tokyo. Around the time of this recording the band became a six-piece with the addition of guitarist Tim Marley. The recording was finished in August 2008; however, there was an eight-month delay in its release. The band played many shows with big bands in their short time of formation including local favorites and international bands including The Getaway Plan, In Fiction, Behind Crimson Eyes, Unwritten Law, Sprung Monkey, New Found Glory and Saosin The band also played on the local spot at the Soundwave festival in 2009, alongside Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains, Bloodhound Gang, The Subways and Underoath. On 29 May 2009, Elora Danan announced on their MySpace page that they had disbanded. 


George Green (vocals) Isaac Kara (vocals, guitar, piano) Ryan Smith (guitar) Tim Marley (guitar)
Matt Thomas (bass) Jay Rendle O’Shea (drums) Caleb Baker (drums) 



Friday, 10 November 2017


Captain Thunder formed in the early seventies in Adelaide. Their first release "Blind Man's Greed" backed with "If I Were A Carpenter" on the "Raven" label went to number 23 on the Adelaide charts. There was some controversy when local radio refused to play the single even though it was selling surprisingly well. The band competed in the 1971 Battle of the Bands. Although they didn't get a place in the Adelaide battle, Captain Thunder proved to all and sundry that they had a future and had a lot going going for them. Unfortunately they disbanded before realising their full potential. They played at Adelaide venues such as "Headquarters", "Sgt. Peppers", and "The Scene". Geoffrey Stapleton went to play with The Aliens and GANGgajang.


Geoffrey Stapleton (drums) Robin Michael (guitar) Rodney Gunner (vocals) Michael Kaploon (bass)

Friday, 3 November 2017


Born and raised near Benalla, Victoria, Wayne Horsburgh started singing and playing guitar at just eight years old, had his own dance band at age eleven and was a regular performer on GMV-6 Shepparton television shows. Some of his early musical influences were Frank Ifield, Wilf Carter and Slim Whitman, hence the love for yodelling – a crowd pleaser at his shows. Wayne has been a recording artist for over 40 years, his first single was in 1976. He toured Australia with the legendary Buddy Williams in 1978 and then moved to Sydney in 1979 with a dream of becoming a successful entertainer and the ambition to travel the world with his music. He has certainly achieved that and more.Wayne’s career has taken him all over the world, developing a huge fan following not just in Australia, but also in New Zealand, Britain and the United States.

His first visit to the USA was in 1984, however his big break came when he was invited to perform at Wisconsin’s Hodag Country Festival in 1989, sharing the stage with country music stars Emmylou Harris, The Oak Ridge Boys, Freddy Fender and Ricky Van Shelton. The Festival attracts an estimated crowd of 40,000 people. Critics applauded him with “…it would be a mild understatement to say that Wayne Horsburgh was the hit of the show… in fact he should have been arrested for the brazen way in which he stole the show”. Recognizing his talent and popularity, the organizers booked him back eight more times over the following years and in 2007 Wayne performed at the 30th anniversary Hodag Country Festival, being his ninth appearance on this huge festival. Billed so many times with the biggest names in American Country Music, Wayne became well known in Wisconsin and surrounding states as he continued to perform at Country Music Festivals, County Fairs, Polka Festivals and Theatres.

Back in 1991, Wayne represented Australia at Nashville’s ‘International Fan Fair‘, where he performed on the grandstand stage. He then had his own booth at ‘Fan Fair‘ each year until 2003, signing autographs for the fans alongside many of the legends of American Country Music. It was during those years that Wayne started spending around six months of each year in the USA. Based in Nashville for many years, Wayne then moved to Branson, Missouri in 1997 (Branson attracts 8 million visitors annually) making it his USA home until Oct. 2009. In 1998, Wayne first represented Australia at the International World-Fest at Silver Dollar City, Branson, along with 500 other International entertainers. He has performed at this huge festival nearly every year since then up until 2009. Over a period of 12 years Wayne was also a regular performer at the ‘Great American Music Festival’ at Silver Dollar City, backed by the famous Horse Creek Band.

At the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January 2013, Wayne became the 42nd inductee to the ‘Roll Of Renown’, the highest honour to be awarded in Australian Country Music.Performing for many years in the Sydney Clubs, Wayne has also won 2 ‘ACE’ Awards and 6 Australian Entertainment ‘MO’ Awards for excellence in live entertainment in the ‘Best Male Country Performer‘ category. In 2004, Wayne was also nominated for the ‘MO’ Award in the prestigious ‘Australian Showbusiness Ambassador Of The Year‘ category, alongside Barry Humphries (Dame Edna), Hugh Jackman, Kylie Minogue, James Morrison and Keith Urban.



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Fargone Beauties were a country music band. They started in 1989 finishing up in 2007. Their single "Wild Thing" had national airplay and was on high rotation on many regional radio stations. They played a cover of "Stairway to Heaven" on The Money or the Gun and appeared on the Breaking Ground - New Directions in Country Music compilation which was nominated for a 1991 ARIA Award for Best Country Album. They were nominated for a Golden guitar in 1994 for their song "Single Drop".


John Spence (guitar, vocals) James Gillard (bass, vocals) Terry Murray (guitar, vocals)
Mark Marriot (drums) Tommy Emmanuel (drums) Doug Bligh (drums) Mark Meyer (drums)
Dave Druery (drums) Mark Collins (banjo) Ian Simpson (banjo)